Resources for Learning Leadership

Enjoy these informative, shareable resources for Learning Leadership. We believe they will help reinforce the ideas in the book.

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"The truth is the best leaders 
are the best learners."
— Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

5 Myths that Inhibit Leadership Development

Leadership skills aren't something you're born with—they can be developed over time through learning and practice. But there are several common misconceptions that often prevent people from realizing their leadership potential. Separate the fact from fiction, and become a better leader.

Develop a Leadership Culture in Your Organization

With the right conditions, leaders can develop and thrive in any organization. Discover what is required to create a culture of leadership in your organization.

2 Keys to Success: Curiosity and Failure

Failure does not prevent success. In fact, you'll likely fail many times before you succeed. Learn more about how asking questions and experiencing failure helps prime you for greater success in the future.

Why Challenges for Leaders are a GOOD Thing

Many people assume good leaders never encounter setbacks or obstacles, but they'd be wrong. Exemplary leaders understand that it is the challenges they face that ultimately make them stronger.

All Exemplary Leaders Listen to Feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool for assessing your leadership. If you're committed to growing as a leader, be sure to ask your constituents for feedback. Their responses will help you become a better leader tomorrow than you are today.

10 Questions Leaders Should Ask Every Day

Improving as a leader requires a commitment to continual learning. By asking (and answering) ten simple questions every day, you can get a deeper understanding of yourself and the factors that shape your leadership.

Leadership is a Journey

Based on more than 30 years of scientific research, bestselling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have developed numerous tools to guide individuals on their personal journeys toward exemplary leadership. Their newest book, Learning Leadership, offers insightful and practical guidance for anyone who aspires to a leadership role or is just beginning to lead others.