Make the first 90 days of your mentoring relationships a success and establish a foundation for lasting growth and development.
Starting Strong: Mentoring Strategies for the First 90 Days
Presenters: Lois Zachary and Lory Fischler

Online Event recorded on October 21, 2014

Establish a Strong Mentoring Relationship

All strong relationships are built on trust, and mentoring relationships are no exception. In fact, the first 90 days is the most critical time for communication between a mentor and mentee. In this free online event, Starting Strong: A Mentoring Fable authors Lois Zachary and Lory Fischler present tools and techniques for successfully launching your mentor/mentee relationship.

Goals for this workshop:

You will learn how to facilitate conversations that set the tone, direction, and framework necessary to establish a strong start and build a solid foundation to move your mentee’s learning forward.

Other tools and strategies you will learn:

  • The Levels of Conversation Model
  • The six essential conversations you need to have in the first 90 days, giving in-depth focus to:
    • Building Relationship
    • Establishing Mentoring Agreements
    • Moving from Starter Goals to SMARTer Goals
  • What you can do to enrich and deepen your mentoring conversations

Starting Strong: Mentoring Strategies for the First 90 Days


Lois Zachary

Lois Zachary
President of Leadership Development Services, LLC, a consulting firm providing leadership development, coaching, education, and training for corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Lory Fischler

Lory Fischler
Senior associate with Leadership Development Services and the associate director of its Center for Mentoring Excellence.

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