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We offer a set of tools and materials to support the recent addition of Wiley Researcher Academy to your institution’s/organisation’s resources.

Training Resources

Interested in learning more about completing the program, or simply want to review a user guide? We have you covered. Alternatively, share these materials with researchers, students and others at your organization – so they can get the most out of the Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQ document to help answer some of the more common questions around Wiley Researcher Academy.


FAQ document

Promotional materials

Interested in helping promote Wiley Researcher Academy at your institution to ensure researchers, students and academics get the most usage out of it?
We provide a series of materials, from web banners to posters, which you can download, print and use!

Web Banners

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Do you require assistance accessing or using Wiley Researcher Academy? Please contact support.

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